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Last updated: 21/08/14

Dr Janroj Keles


Research Fellow



Janroj joined the WLRI institute in 2007 to work on a project on ‘Influences of identity, community and social networks on ethnic minority representation at work’ (with Dr. Jane Holgate and Prof. Anna Pollert). Currently he is part of a research team (PI Prof Sonia McKay) at WLRI, working on an EU funded research project entitled “ Study on Precarious Work and Social Rights”. This cross national comparative research project aims to provide a structured mapping of precarious work in each of the 12 EU Member States and its significance in the national and European labour market, including its impact upon specific social groups. 

He has previously been part of a research team at Sussex Centre for Migration Research conducting fieldwork with Kurdish, Turkish and Turkish Cypriots migrants for the MIGSYS Research Project in the UK . He also has been part of a research team at City University conducting field work on young undocumented migrants and worked for Harvard University in London on the political participation and religious integration of Muslims in Europe after 9/11 and he has also  been part of a research team to research  on ‘Legitimising the discourses of radicalisation: Political violence in the new media ecology’ for University of Warwick and  part of a research team at Compas, Oxford University to conduct field work on the experiences and everyday lives of undocumented migrant children in the UK. 

He has been awarded a PhD degree by Burunel University for his thesis entitled “Transnational Media Audiences and Conflict: Turks and Kurds in Europe”. The thesis deals with how Kurdish and Turkish migrants in Europe (Sweden, Germany and UK) view the Turkish and Kurdish ethno-nationalist conflict in Turkey through the media.

Janroj has experience of working in Turkey, Germany and the  UK and with academics and practitioners from 12 EU countries. He speaks Kurdish, Turkish, German and English. Before coming to academia he worked in media, film and in social and community work.

Research interests


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Dr Janroj Keles
Research Fellow

London Metropolitan University
Working Lives Research Institute
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
160-220, Holloway Rd., London N7 8DB
Email: j.Keles@londonmet.ac.uk

Tel (w)020 7133 5087

Tel (m) 0787 5149068



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Seminars organised

Janroj has been organizing seminars since 2007 on identity, ethnicity, nationalism, gender, forced migration, racism, citizenship, human rights and minority rights and transnational media in the context of Kurds and Kurdistan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

 Some of them are listed below

Professional membership


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•Keles, J. Kumarappan, L. Holgate, J. Pollert, A. (2010) Visualising ‘community’: an experiment in participatory photograpy among Kurdish Diaspora in the UK. Paper presented at Visual Sociology Study Group, BSA Annual Conference, Glasgow, 7-9 April 2010.

•Holgate, J. (2009) Adapt or decline: a trade union future for black workers? Paper presented at Critical Labour Studies Symposium. School of African and Oriental Studies. 21-22 November 2009.

•Holgate, J. Pollert, P. Keles, J. (2009) Union decline and the lack of employment advice for minority ethnic workers in the UK: can community support organisations help to fill the gap? Paper presented at the International Industrial Relations Association Annual Conference, Sydney, 24-27 August 2009.

•Keles, J. Holgate, J. Pollert, P. (2009) To whom do I turn when I am invisible? The experiences of Kurdish workers who have problems at work. Paper presented at the British Sociological Association Annual Conference, Cardiff, 15-17 April 2009.

•Holgate, J. Pollert, P. Keles, J. (2009) The influence of identity, ‘community’ and social networks on how workers access support for work-based problems. Paper presented at the International Labour Process Conference, Edinburgh, 6-8 April 2009.

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