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Last updated: 11/04/13

Nick Clark


Employment Relations Senior Research Fellow



Nick has been active at all levels of the trade union movement, beginning as a shop steward, then national negotiator, in a packaging multinational (1978-1983). Following this he carried out research at the Labour Research Department (1983-87) and print union SOGAT (later the GPMU). Moving to the TUC in 1994, he led a project to engage UK unions in establishing European Works Councils, going on to develop the TUC’s work on migrant workers. 
In 2003, he was seconded as a Visiting Fellow to Corpus Christi College, Oxford to conduct a programme of study on Migrant Workers and Trade Unions. He represented the TUC on the board of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority from its formation in April 2005 until January 2009. 
In 2005, he took up a policy post in the General Secretary’s office at the Public & Commercial Services Union, before joining WLRI in April 2009. He has since led research projects on many work-related topics, including migrant domestic workers, posted workers, forced labour in Europe, and precarious working amongst students. Nick also teaches on WLRI’s Professional Doctorate in Researching Work.


Research interests and expertise

Trade unions and politics, collective bargaining, European Works Councils, temporary agency work, organisation of migrant workers, young workers, workplace exploitation and forced labour.

Professional associations

British Universities Industrial Relations Association (2009-2014)

Social Research Association (2009-2012)

Radical Statistics Group (2010-2014)

Association for Accountancy & Business Affairs (2011-14)

Board Member, Gangmasters Licensing Authority, April 2005- January 2009

Contact details

Working Lives Research Institute
London Metropolitan University
Room TM1-55
Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities
London Metropolitan University
160-220 Holloway Road
London N7 8DB
Tel: 020 7133 2901

e-mail: n.clark@londonmet.ac.uk

Projects led


Regulation of labour market intermediaries and the role of social partners in preventing trafficking of labour
Funder: European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions


Responses to forced labour in Europe 

Funder: Joseph Rowntree Foundation


Precarious work amongst students in Europe (PRECSTUDE)
Funder: European Commission (DG Employment)

2010 -2011

Migrant domestic workers employment rights
Funder: Nuffield Foundation

2010 -2011

Regulation and enforcement of posted workers employment rights (POSTER)
Funder: European Commission (DG Employment)



Book Chapters



Unions, Migration and the Road Less Travelled, in Migration: the COMPAS Anthology, Anderson, B. & Keith, M. (eds.), Oxford: COMPAS

Clark, N. (2013) Enforcement in the workplace in Labour Migration in Hard Times, Ryan, B. (ed.), Institute for Employment Rights forthcoming



Clark, N. (2013) Enforcement in the workplace in Labour Migration in Hard Times, Ryan, B. (ed.), Institute for Employment Rights forthcoming


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Clark, N. (2006) Building a stronger union – is merger the way forward for PCS? Public & Commercial Services Union


Clark, N. (2004) 'Propping up rural and small town Britain: migrant workers from the new Europe’, TUC, ISBN: 1 85006 724 4

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Clark, N., Critchley, R., Kline, R., Hall, D & Whitfield, D. (1985) Sheffield Jobs Audit, Sheffield City Council Department of Economic Development


Papers & Journal Articles


Clark, N. (2013) Detecting and tackling forced labour in Europe, York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation


Clark, N.; Contrepois, S.; Jefferys, S. (2012) Collective and individual alternative dispute resolution in France and Britain, (; International Journal of Human Resource Management 23:3 , 550-566


Clark, N. & Hardy, J. (2011) Free Movement in the EU, The Case of Great Britain, Berlin: Freiderich Ebert Stifting, May 2011


Clark, N. (2009) Setting up a European Observatory on cross border activities within temporary agency work - A Survey of social partners in Member States, Brussels: Eurociett/Unieuropa,  http://www.uniglobalunion.org/Apps/iportal.nsf/pages/taw_social_crossEn

Rogers, A. with Anderson, B. & Clark, N. (2009) Recession, Vulnerable Workers and Immigration: a background report, COMPAS Report, April 2009


Anderson, B., Clark, N. & Parutis, V., (2007) New EU Members? Migrant Workers' Challenges and Opportunities to UK Trades Unions: a Polish and Lithuanian Case Study, COMPAS Report for the Trades Union Congress


Clark, N. (1987)  From Productivity to Flexibility  “From Productivity Deals to Flexibility at Work” conference at University of Warwick, 15th December 1986. Published in the conference proceedings, ed. Peter Fairbrother. ISBN 0 947829 06 7


Clark, N., Critchley, R., Hall, D., Kline, R. & Whitfield, D. (1987) The Sheffield Council Jobs Audit—why and how? Local Economy 1–4 (Feb 1987), pp. 3–21.

Other Publications


Miller, D. & Clark, N. (1997) EWCs – a manual for trade union trainers, London TUC

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